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About me[edit]

Francis Ambrose (Fran)

Lay Vicar in Lichfield Cathedral

Partner in a Small business Redland Information Systems

Re the list of organists. I agree that having the current organists listed with other staff good idea. The reason that they were moved is that some of the lists are very lengthy. If there is a list of organists for every cathedral, then there might as well be a list of every bishop and every dean as well. It just happens that someone inserted the lists of musicians into every article, but no-one inserted similar lists of bishops, or deans. If this was to happen, each article would turn into a string of lists. So the solution was to make a list page.
When I did it, I contrived to write a sentence for each cathedral that permitted a link to be made to the cathedral's page. (It is against the manual of style to for links withing the headings, so a sentence was necessary). Later editors to the page haven't picked up on this, so there a few few cathedrals that are not linked to their article page.
If you would like to add the names of current organists to the appropriate part of each article, that would be good. Amandajm (talk) 12:43, 26 July 2013 (UTC)