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Vijai Bahadur Singh born in KanooVillage Sangrampur Amethi on 02 may 1988. His father Mr. Abhai raj singh is a retaired Railway Engineer in the Western Railway Ahmedabad Gujrat.He was a union leader among their co-workers and very close to the old politicians at that time.currently he is 80 year old.

 Personal Detail 
Born 02 May 1988(age 24), AmethiUP
Nationality Indian
Relations Abhai Raj Singh (father)
Residence Dehradun, Uttrakhand
Profession Developer

Early life and career

Vijai Bhadur Singh alise Sonu Singh attended the Saraswati Shishu Mandir  which is very famous school in Amethi.
after this he completed his graduation in Science from [RRPG College Amethi].
and later completed his master degree in [Information Technology Dehradun] in 2010 from Beehive Groups of Engineering College.
currently he is working as R&D Engineer in a organization.