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Random Kunle Babajide | Nigeria's #1 Success Coach

Kunle Oluwanishola Babajide is a Nigerian writer, entrepreneur, influential speaker and peak-performance coach. His key focus is to make success skills available to the average person who wants to turn tiny thoughts into magnificent edifices within very short time frames. Kunle’s works and programs include long-tested techniques and principles on the power of the human potential, personal development, success, happiness, self-awareness, wealth, balance, growth and other relevant social issues. Content from his books, articles and Audio are celebrated and used on several newspapers, online and traditional media in the country. Those who have attended his numerous live-interactive seminars, conferences and events as well as, taken his coaching program all seem to express that he makes people shamelessly find their inner voice and create the Dream Life while others merely talk.


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Kunle is recognized as a passionate leader who fuels success.


Growing up in Africa particularly within two extreme cities in Lagos, Nigeria was more of an opportunity than adversity, though he says he never had a silver spoon, it afforded him the hands-on privilege of watching how ordinary folks rise from nothing into abundance. As a boy, Kunle’s undying interest in accelerating his success led him to read his way out of poverty andteach others what he observed in the white pages of literature, novels and writings of great authors along with his personal experience. He believes books and indeed reading, plays a vital role in the psychology of every individual, state and organization as a tool in kick-starting personal or national transformation, the process is basically the same. Along the way, Kunle also claims that these qualities and discipline nurtured him with the core African values which he attests has brought him a tremendous deal of grace in the international community. These values are the bedrock of many modern cultures around the world.




WikiQuote: "Take deliberate Action, Act Decisively, Act as If You Can and You Will Win."



Although Kunle works alongside Nollywood movie-stars, he says starring in a major film would be an interesting challenge. Around the late 90s, he was part of the now-defunct group RopHeka Productions founded by Director, Joel Rhivboje, a stage drama company which performed series of live plays to large audiences across the nation. Whilst at the former group he starred as both Actor and Stage manager. He believes these moments when one is forced to stand in the shoes of another helps refine thought. At best it also helps to build Public speaking skills on the platform.



For over a decade, Kunle has been consistently turning adversity into prosperity for Nigerians and other citizens of the world. Currently, he runs regular programs open to anyone willing to make a shift, and uses it as a forum to demonstrates that Private victory usually precedes outer achievement. His practical knowledge of how-to create Life Change is so phenomenal that top celebrities are gradually turning to him for techniques on how to create effective winning results. [citation needed]



The word out there is that Kunle is the unseen coach who continues to work with a diverse mix of people, ranging from leaders, celebrities, athletes, executives, politicians, associations, corporate organizations, to the wider public.

Nigeria is rated as a key emerging market in the Sub-Saharan region which makes it receive more guests and investors than any other country in the region. Especially, Lagos which is considered as the commercial nerve center of the nation has a population of 20Million people, thus positioning it as a prime Business destination. Kunle interacts with top-level leaders, business executives and decision-makers from more than seventy-three (73) organizations and multinationals such as Samsung Mobile, Nokia, British American Tobacco, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, FedEx, MTN, Globacom, Airtel, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Total Plc, FirstBank, Guaranty Trust Bank, AccessBank,DeltaAfrik, UAC Foods and more, coaching them on the ability to Thrive, Succeed and Progress in a speedily altering world. This allows him a rare cutting edge privileged experience into what makes people and organizations fail, and what they can do to flourish.

Kunle also develops customized programs for national youth development and is a top-notch negotiation expert.

Being a community member of the Future of Work program – a global network of resourcespractitioners, researchers offers him Thought leadership and the ability to focus on innovating the way 21st Century work gets done. Most of the unique ideas on modern work in a mobile generation form the modules he shares at his various events and corporate seminars known as Prominar


Presently he lives, works and travels from his home in Lagos, Nigeria. Kunle has commenced the journey of becoming a well-traveled Public speaker in Africa with vast interest in familiarizing numerous cultures across the Mother continent and the world with the aim of understanding better what success means across borders. Kunle says he understands at least two other languages Igbo and French asides his mother-tongue Yoruba and English adding up to a total of four. He is likely to learn Spanish, Dutch and Arabic as well. His favorite travel destinations include inner cities, beaches, islands, capital cities, tourist heritage sites and national monuments. In one of his recent visits to Ghana, he visited natives of a rural town where he along with colleagues unraveled the beautiful scenery of the country.



NATION-BUILDING: Nigeria has a population of about 170Millon residents and many more immigrant citizens scattered across the world. Kunle believes Education, Technology are the vital tools which will fast-track the country's success in this decade and can never be over-estimated. He continues to fund initiatives focused at supporting children through school and also promoting modern learning methods. He is an investor in technology-driven applications designed to improve quality of life. He is also a director and member of the board of numerous not-for-profit organizations where he contributes to the growth of education in Nigeria. His belief in Nigeria's Vision is strong, he asserts that with policy making "Basic Education A Must" (and Nigerians are already waking up to the call) the whole nation from Maiduguri, Ebonyi to Osun will surely rise together again. His approach is not make a education a boring distant but as a sine qua non in our daily lives. Education is the key to Personal Development

One fact is True, Nigerians love Education. A recent article considers Nigerians as the most educated immigrants in the U.S Nigerian are the most-educated immigrants in the United States as a whole proves this. This means that more Nigerians prefer to earn a degree and become educated. In effect, this makes her not only the largest nation in Africa with more educated citizens in the world but also one of the top ten largest nations in the world with an enlightened citizenry top ten largest nations as it is already agreeable that out of every five Africans two are Nigerians. However, the need for education can not be overstated in a country where merely 48.66% of adults are educated and another 66.47% of young people strive pass basic schooling.



Kunle currently works with organizations and government agencies, most of which are affliated with international organizations: BookREIGN Initiative (Ashoka Member), Ministry of Youth and Sports Development Partner, Oando Foundation Partner, International Book Bank Member (working with less-privileged kids in pioneering creative learning tools) to to improve the Literacy culture. He has also worked with The Lady Mechanic Initiative working with women in the field of automotive engineering. Kunle works with aspiring entrepreneurs through the Sparks-EDC program. He is also a founding member of the Silverbird BookJam, a social initiative created to promote literature and authorship in Nigeria which has influential names such as The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor Chinua Achebe, World Famous novelist of the Things Fall Apart book amongst others on its guest-list. [citation needed]


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