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RE: Vanna[edit]

It's a shame that that couldn't have been your response a year ago. Instead of using the discussion page to discuss, you barked orders and dealt out death threats to anyone and everyone. Both here on Wikipedia and all of my old social networking sites. Let me make sure that you understand that you have been banned, meaning Wikipedia has decided your contributions as completely unwanted. You weren't just put in timeout with a slap on the wrist. The only reason blocks are given in small increments is because people move and IP addresses change. Blocking your network could prevent someone else from making constructive edits. Thus each new account you create is subsequently banned again. Since this time you are actually willing to communicate, I will hold off on filling yet another SPI against you. The minute you step out of line I will not hesitate to file one. Also, I am honestly not sure what an administrator intervention would accomplish. You might just get banned again on the spot, if anything. So, could you please refrain from threating to involve an admin, and also requesting I no longer edit the article? According to Wikipedia policies and guidelines, which are set up by editors and agreed upon by the community as a whole, you are at fault here. Bands/groups fall under the category of biographies of living persons, where questionable or contestable without a source present should be removed onsite without first questioning if it's true or verifiable. For almost a year now, you have been replacing sourced material with your own opinions without discussion. Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought, and any opinions you have must be have a source that agrees with you.

The reason I contest to your addition is because, to me, Vanna sounds like a bastardized version of what 90s post-hardcore bands like Jawbox and Unsane were doing, but with intense screaming/shrieking and the occasional death growl. I believe the intense screaming gives the illusion of heavier sounding music, and I'm confident that if you heard instrumental versions of their music you would agree. I am sure that if you screamed over alternative rock, it could give the illusion of sounding like hard rock. I do hear some more metallic leanings, but certainly not enough to call them a full-on metalcore band. And more so on their Epitaph EP than their two studio albums, so it seems wrong to declare them a metalcore band when it only applies to a select portion of their music. They sound nothing like As I Lay Dying or Bleeding Through. Perhaps a metalcore/post-hardcore hybrid with a decreasing emphasis on the "metal" part as time goes on? I would not be opposed to listing both genres, as you suggested, however metalcore will still need a source. When peforming a google search search for genre, the majority of professional sources declare them post-hardcore, while the majority of hits for metalcore are blogs, forums and other unpublished sources. The KillYourStereo interview from 2007 you provided actually claims they tried to distance themselves from metalcore. The Epitaph press release you provided is okay, and I will add it as a temporary source. Mostly just to end this. But it will need to be something third-party and less driven to interest a specific audience. Actually the Epitaph source already provided need to be replaced as well, so I will do that now too.

Moving forward, provided your ban does not resume, you should know exactly how annoying edits regarding genre are to established editors. There are two user essays you should read at User:Scarian/Genre trolls and User:Realist2/Genre Warrior that outline the frustrations regarding these edits. You should also note that the genre field was actually removed from infoboxes over a year ago due to the high number of edit wars started because of them. Fezmar9 (talk) 18:46, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

Jose Bautista[edit]

"Utility player" is accurate, and even if it weren't "fielder" is too vague to be a useful disambiguator. That you found an administrator that is unfamiliar enough with baseball terminology to accept your request is neither surprising nor particularly threatening to me. Just because you don't like something is no reason to harass other editors. I will post to the admin myself. -Dewelar (talk) 15:28, 31 August 2010 (UTC)