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Plesae read my comments in Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Flow meter accuracy. This is my signature -> RHaworth 20:06, 2005 Jan 22 (UTC) (Formed by typing ~~~~)

Copy and paste your stuff into User:Peter_Shiels/flow_meter and work there until you are ready to 'publish'. RHaworth 20:38, 2005 Jan 22 (UTC)

Re your recent in Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Flow meter accuracy - (see above re both):

  • for "the sandbox" read "a personal sandbox" - trying to use Wikipedia:sandbox would cause chaos for you and any others trying to use the public sandbox
  • don't say "I will withdraw it". Do it. Just leave the original article as {{db|withdrawn by author}}
  • sign your note like this ...

RHaworth 19:03, 2005 Jan 28 (UTC)

Please take my advice and start with a simple article called flow meter. That article does not exist yet but two other real articles already refer to it - see

Glad to see you back - I was afraid we had frightened you off. I empathise with you - I have a similar (in that it is a whole article) contribution waiting at User:RHaworth/Charging group - development has stalled for the moment because I have allowed myself to be distracted.

RHaworth 19:24, 2005 Jan 28 (UTC)