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Using Wikipedia to advertise your site[edit]

Editing on Wikipedia should be done for the improvement of this encyclopedia. However, you have repeatedly inserted your wed site into talk pages where the site being mentioned does nothing to improve Wikipedia. Please read WP:SPAM and especially WP:SPAMMER before adding your site address again. Your knowledge in certain areas of psychology can be beneficial to Wikipedia, so I suggest you read some of our policies, and review our five pillars. If you have any questions, you can check out the help desk for answers regarding advertising on Wikipedia. Thanks, and enjoy! Angryapathy (talk) 07:25, 29 November 2009 (UTC)

Ladies and gentlemen of Wikipedia,

This article Bretnacher Ophelia is in no way an Article "in memory of someone." It is an article on the Case Bretnacher Ophelia "is a state affair, a case on human rights and democracy in Europe, the establishment of a Europe not only financial and mafia, but a Europe Police and judicial cooperation that respects its own treaties. But you do not overlook as you read this article, is not it, that the police verdict of suicide, while all the evidence that exists s 'acts of murder? And reading it, you understand that there is a willingness of the 2 countries to stifle the matter, which is a diplomatic time bomb. What is interesting is all violations in a year, all EU directives for cooperation of States, and this one purpose, which no longer speaks of Ophelia Bretnacher. We still have to talk to her, because if this case has such a price scale media is that this young girl with undeniable charisma, had so many friends, they have organized an unprecedented media and demonstration of several thousand people under the Eiffel Tower (see the film AFP: Agence France Presse) for involvement of the French state. Event that has been heard since President Sarkozy has decided to intervene. Currently a number of complaints are being made for non-compliance of Democracy

I thought you were primarily an encyclopedia, independent living, loving and college collective knowledge, freedom and truth, and I hope that you are "free" and that this is not your share a commitment to censorship, and you do not suffer from pressure within the "reason of state" because I am in this very sensitive case and I shall not fail to bring the action media and judiciary, which could possibly prevail in this case ...

For the moment, I realized that rather you did not know this case was not yet come to your ears and I will explain and your deletion.

However, if you look on the different search engines:

Ophelia Bretnacher Google: 307 000 Articles Ophelia Bretnacher Photos: 67 700 ... etc.

I hope that you will be susceptible to my arguments, and especially, especially, you're not motivated by a desire for censorship, a matter that transcends us all.

With my best regards

Raymond Nivet Raymondnivet (talk) 12:13, 9 December 2009 (UTC)