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Hi, somewhere there's a wiki guideline about NOT moving people's comments w/o permission. There are some good faith exceptions, but none applied in this case.

There's also a bit of a conflict between schools of thought, (A) is it better to embed new comments in a longggggg thread at different points midstream, where they are closer to the remark being replied to, or (B) is it better to be chronological? Well, your mileage may vary. My philosophy is that while my mind is being made up I often like interspersing them. When my mind is made up, I like to put them at the end. My reasoning is that anyone intersted in some sub-thought process is following the midstream sub-conversation. However, after my mind is made up I like to tell EVERYONE what my position has become, and virtually EVERYONE reads the last things added at the tail end of the thread. That's why I refused permission to move that comment.... I want as many people as possible to see that I have come around - partway - to your perspectivce on the existing text and citations. NewsAndEventsGuy (talk) 13:31, 8 September 2011 (UTC)

Sorry NewsAndEventsGuy, I know that manipulating other people's comments has been seriously criticized in the past but I thought (being new to WP and used to newsgroups threading) that yours was an obvious mistake. I understand now that it wasn't and I sincerely apologize for the reformatting. As for my good faith, I think that it can be deduced by the fact that I clearly reported the move in the revision summary. Udippuy (talk) 13:44, 8 September 2011 (UTC)
no worries, I really hacked up someone else's comments when I first joined and oooh boy. touchy bunch. You can see my proposed edit by looking at the article itself, and then clicking version history. I did it that way so people could follow the citations, which, if referenced by nickname, don't easily copy and paste onto the talk page. NewsAndEventsGuy (talk) 15:17, 8 September 2011 (UTC)

DS alert[edit]

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Please carefully read this information:

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