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Winline doesn't mean anything. I cam eup with the name when I was 7 thinking what to call my Operating System which was made in Microsoft QBasic (and has alot of SHELL commands - which ment it wasn't a real operating system.)

7 Years later and I am now 14 and known as one of Australia's most prominant person on the net advicating for the new ADSL Standard ADSL2 to be adopted in australia.

I enjoy Anime and have alot of DVDs. Mostlly from Paramount Sony Pictures, MGM, and Universal.

I am interested in TV & TV ownership.

My favorite FTA or Free To Air TV station is the Nine Network, (Which where I live is called "NBN") Which carries most of the good American Drama's from CBS and MSNBC.

I have FTA sattelite, although it is not as good in australia then Europe.

I also think that prices for ADSL should be cheaper. In australia 1.5mb/s costs $100, but if you were in Europe it would only be $30!!!