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Uxbridge Rural District
Uxbridge rural in mddx 1911.png
Uxbridge Rural District within the former administrative Middlesex (so excluding the county's contribution to the young County of London) in 1911. Note north-east and south-east parishes (Ruislip (including Northwood its earlier breakaway) and Hayes) broke away in 1904 to form new districts, and it excluded, since 1911, the thin band of Yiewsley Urban District
 • Created1875 (as a sanitary district)
 • Abolished1929
 • Succeeded byUxbridge Urban District
StatusRural district
 • HQUxbridge

Uxbridge was, from 1875 to 1929, a local government district in Middlesex, England.

The district was formed as a rural sanitary district in 1875. It mirrored the Uxbridge Poor Law Union so excluded the compact market town of Uxbridge to the west which was an urban sanitary district. The twin unions in turn were all but the three small southern and three small eastern parishes of Elthorne Hundred. A little of the traditionally, essentially encircling parish in relation to Uxbridge town, Hillingdon, was added to Uxbridge USD in 1883. The parish of Northwood was removed in 1891, forming an urban sanitary district.

Under the Local Government Act 1894 it became a rural district, with a directly elected rural district council. The Hillingdon parish was split, with Hillingdon West naturally forming part of the compact Uxbridge urban district and Hillingdon East being the part in the rural district.

As of 1894, the district comprised parishes:

A daughter parish, Yiewsley, named after a similarly sized historic manor was created in 1896, the former southern band of Hillingdon East.

Hayes became an urban district in 1904, as did Ruislip (re-merged of sorts with its daughter parish under the name Ruislip-Northwood). A Yiewsley Urban District was created in 1911, creating the only interruption in geographical continuity in the district. Northolt, an eastern 'winged' triangle of mainly Interwar housing was split in 1928 between the Municipal Borough of Ealing and Harrow on the Hill Urban District.

The district was abolished in 1929. It became part of the Uxbridge Urban District, apart from the outlying, compact southern parish of West Drayton which became part of the renamed Yiewsley and West Drayton Urban District.

Modern resonances[edit]

The initial area with Uxbridge (the Poor Law Union plus three southern parishes which were omitted but also lay in Elthorne Hundred) are the same parent communities, parishes, as form those considered historically and ecclesiastically to form the London Borough of Hillingdon with one exception — Northolt — split between the London Boroughs of Ealing and the Brent. The little-relevant civil parish council and thus civil definition of parishes was abolished, locally, in the mid 20th century.

Apart from what was for centuries all Ruislip, including Northwood and Eastcote in the HA postcode area, but with eastern additions as far as the old Elthorne Hundred, the poor law union emulates the UB postcode area.


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