Uxbridge by-election, 1997

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Uxbridge by-election
United Kingdom
← 1987 31 July 1997 1992 →
  John Randall MP.jpg Andy Slaughter MP Photo.JPG No image.svg
Candidate John Randall Andy Slaughter Keith Kerr
Party Conservative Labour Liberal Democrat
Popular vote 16,288 12,522 1,792
Percentage 51.1% 39.3% 5.6%

MP before election

Michael Shersby

Subsequent MP

John Randall

The Uxbridge by-election, 1997 was a parliamentary by-election held in July 1997 to elect a new Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of Uxbridge in London, England. The seat was held by the Conservative Party, their first such victory since 1989.


The vacancy was caused by the death of the Conservative MP Sir Michael Shersby, who died unexpectedly on 8 May 1997, just seven days after his being returned to the House of Commons at the 1997 general election, although that election saw the end of 18 years of Conservative rule as Labour won by a landslide. Shersby won a narrow victory over Labour Party candidate David Williams.

The by-election was called for Thursday, 31 July 1997 and was the first by-election of the 1997-2001 parliament.


David Williams, the Labour general election candidate was not placed on the by-election shortlist, which the BBC reported had "infuriated" some members.[1] Activist Michael Shrimpton was also passed over, leading to his defection to the Conservatives.[2][3] The Labour Party eventually chose Andy Slaughter, the Leader of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, over the Barrister Willie Bach from Nottinghamshire. The Conservative Party selected John Randall, the Managing Director of the century-old Randall's Furniture Store in Uxbridge. Keith Kerr, a senior executive with British Airways, represented the Liberal Democrats. Eight other candidates also stood, including perennial candidates Screaming Lord Sutch and Ronnie Carroll.


Labour's concentrated campaign included an unusual visit by Prime Minister Tony Blair. This was unusual in that a sitting Prime Minister does not normally campaign personally in by-elections for fear that a defeat may harm his own political standing. Conservative leader William Hague was the first leader of his party to campaign in a by-election for 20 years. The Conservative campaign was criticised by some members for keeping records of how much time would-be future parliamentary candidates had spent in the constituency.[4]

Results and aftermath[edit]

In the end, the Conservative candidate was elected by a large majority, gaining over 50% of all votes cast, while the Labour and Liberal Democrat votes both fell. It was the first time the Conservatives held onto a seat at a by-election since the Richmond (Yorks) by-election, 1989 (when the candidate was William Hague - who had become leader of the party shortly before the Uxbridge by-election).

Randall would represent the seat (and its successor, Uxbridge and South Ruislip) until standing down in 2015.[5] Slaughter would himself enter parliament eight years later, winning the seat of Ealing, Acton and Shepherds Bush in 2005. He has represented the Hammersmith constituency since 2010.[6]

Uxbridge by-election, 1997[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative John Randall 16,288 51.1 +7.6
Labour Andy Slaughter 12,522 39.3 -2.5
Liberal Democrat Keith Kerr 1,792 5.6 -5.4
Monster Raving Loony Screaming Lord Sutch 396 1.3 N/A
Socialist Alternative Julia Leonard 259 0.8 -0.1
BNP Frances Taylor 205 0.7 N/A
National Democrats Ian Anderson 157 0.5 N/A
National Front John McAuley 110 0.3 N/A
Independent Liberal Henry Middleton 69 0.2 N/A
UKIP James Feisenberger 39 0.1 N/A
Rainbow Dream Ticket Ronnie Carroll 30 0.1 N/A
Majority 3,766 11.8 +10.1
Turnout 55.2 -16.9
Conservative hold Swing
General Election 1997: Uxbridge
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Michael Shersby 18,095 43.5
Labour David Williams 17,371 41.8
Liberal Democrat Andrew Malyan 4,528 10.9
Referendum Garrick Aird 1,153 2.8 N/A
Socialist Alternative Julia Leonard 398 1.0 N/A
Majority 724 1.7
Turnout 72.3
Conservative hold Swing

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