Václav Beneš Třebízský

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Václav Beneš Třebízský

Václav Beneš Třebízský (27 February 1849 in Třebíz – 20 June 1884 in Mariánské Lázně) was a Czech novelist.[1] He is the author of numerous historical novels and children's stories. His best novel is arguably In the Early Evening of the Five-Petaled Roses (1885).


In 1875, Třebízský became a chaplain in Liteň. In 1876–1884, Třebízský was a chaplain in Klecany, where he wrote most of his major works.[2]

Třebízský died in 1884 in Mariánské Lázně after contracting tuberculosis.[3]


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