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FoundedApril 2006
ServicesBroadcast television

Cable television
Broadband Internet

Mobile phone
OwnerNethys SA

VOO (/vuː/) is the commercial name of the Belgian cable company, created April 2006 by the Economic Interest Group (EIG) of Brutélé GIE in (Brussels Region and Charleroi Region) and Association Liégeoise d'Electricité (A.L.E.- Télédis), currently owned by Nethys SA and Brutélé SCRL

Then two companies together bought eight Walloon cable companies (Igeho, Inatel, Intermosane, Seditel, Simogel, Telelux, Interest-Interost et Ideatel), the EIG constitutes today the primary cable operator in Wallonia and a part in the Brussels Region.

It offers mobile telephony using the Telenet network.[3]


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