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VVCap Logo.jpg
Developer(s)G Central
Initial release2010; 12 years ago (2010)
Stable release
1.6 / December 2010; 11 years ago (2010-12)

VVCap was a screenshot program that operated under the Windows operating system. It was created and distributed by G Central. VVCap was available in English, Spanish and Russian versions, and is supported in those languages.

VVCap replaces the native Print Screen function with additional features, such as: screenshot can be instantly posted to a URL or file, or be placed to a clipboard.


Instant Post[edit]

VVCap allows posting an image to web in minimum amount of clicks, which makes it an ideal tool for sharing messages via instant messaging or Twitter but at this moment, their web servers apparently are down and the website has a 503 HTTP error, for now the clipboard function only works.[1]


Images stored on the server are being encrypted, and it is not possible to mass-decrypt images by an administrator. Unless presented with URL, that contains file pointer and decryption key, the file itself cannot be decrypted.


  1. ^ a b VVCap is going out of business, What is happening? VVCap has been maintained for awhile by the effort of developers. It was an expectation, that community would help by donating to the project. However, there was exactly one bitcoin donation (thank you kind person) during 6+ years of the project being active, which is not enough to keep it running.
    VVCap will keep running until end of February 2015. After that, the client will no longer be able to connect to server and post screenshots. Screenshots would be accessible a few more weeks, after which the site would shut down
    So long!

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