Vadamugam Vellode

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Vadamugam Vellode (வடமுகம் வெள்ளோடு)or V.Vellode, simply called as Vellode வ.வெள்ளோடு) is a village panchayat located in Erode district (Tamil Nadu / India).

Vellode got its name from the words Vellai oodai ( வெள்ளை ஓடை ) meaning white stream. There runs a stream in Vellode with alluvial sediment making it white color and hence the name. The name is synonymous with other town names like Erode and Chithode.

It houses the Vellode Birds Sanctuary on the lake.

It is located at 15th km on the way to Chennimalai from Erode