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Vadim Leontiyovich Skurativskiy is a Ukraininan art historian and critic, expert in literature, philologist and political essayist. He is a professor in National University of Theatre, Film and TV in Kiev


Born 5 October 1941,

Scientific work and publications[edit]

Vadim Skurativskiy's books and monographies include:

Public life[edit]

Vadim Skurativskiy is well known both for his contribution to the education and popularization of historical science and scientific merits. He is widely contributing to the today’s political discussions with the focus on universal values and human development. Vadim Skurativskiy is an author of more than 1000 publications in Ukrainian press. [2] [3] [4]

Work in cinematography[edit]

Was author-presenter of the documentary TV series "Fresh look on the history" (Ukraine National TV-2, 1996); "Monologues. Hopes and Losses" (TV Studio 1+1, 1997–98; "See the sole" (Ukraine National TV-1, 2002)

Played as an actor in movies "Birthmark", 1991; "Josephine: the mouse singer" (based on works of Franz Kafka), 1994; "Noise of the wind", 2002.

Received the Prix of Stozhary film festival for the best performance by non-professional actor for his role in "Josephine: the mouse singer" (based on works of Franz Kafka)


Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine (2011)[5]

Interesting facts[edit]

In 1971-78 Vadim Skurativskiy was an editor of critics department of Vsesvit (Universe) -- Ukrainian magazine of foreign literature. He has been fired on the accusation for "nationalistic inclinations"

Since 1998 Vadim Skurativskiy has an author's column in Stolichnye novosti weekly newspaper