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Doctor Val Noone is an Australian historian who has written extensively on social history and has a particular interest in the history of the Irish language in the south-east of Australia in its social, cultural and linguistic aspects. He is an Honorary Fellow of the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne.[1]

He acquired a degree in Biblical studies, philosophy and theology at Corpus Christi College in Melbourne, and did his doctoral thesis on religious attitudes to war. He spent a number of years as a Catholic priest and retains a strong interest in the social history of the Church.

He has published many books, articles and reviews, and has been a co-contributor to historical articles in Irish published by the Irish journal Feasta.[2] He is a member of the Irish Language Association of Australia and was the editor of Táin, the magazine of the Irish Australian Network, which ceased publication in 2007.[3] His most notable recent work is Hidden Ireland in Victoria, an overview of the history of the Irish language in the State of Victoria, Australia.

He was awarded a medal of the Order of Australia in June 2009.[4]

In 1913 the Senate of the National University of Ireland (NUI) conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Literature, honoris causa, for his contribution to Irish Studies in Australia.[5]


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