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Valitor hf.
Industry Electronic Payment Services
Founded 1983 (as Visa Iceland)
Headquarters Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Services Payment Services, Payment gateway

Valitor is an acquirer, card issuer and payment gateway solutions company headquartered in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. Valitor is Visa's and MasterCard's partner in Iceland and offers various online and e-commerce solutions internationally.[1]


Valitor was founded in 1983 by five banks and thirteen savings banks under the name Visa Iceland.[2][3]

In 2007 Greiðslumiðlun hf. changed its name to Valitor in a move to further its international services.[4]

On 7 December 2010, following the leak of the US diplomatic cables in February 2010 and the leak of Afghan War documents in July 2010, Valitor suspended payments towards the data company DataCell, the company processing donations for WikiLeaks.[3] On 12 July 2012 a Reykjavík court ruled that Valitor had to start processing donations within fourteen days[5] on pain of daily fines to the amount of ISK 800,000 for each day after that time, to open the payment gateway. Valitor also had to pay DataCell's litigation costs of ISK 1,500,000.[6]

On 24 April 2013 Iceland's Supreme Court ruled that Valitor has to pay $204,900 per month to WikiLeaks if it continues its blockade.[7]


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