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OccupationFilm director, Author, Screenwriter, Music Director

Vamsy is an Indian film director, screenwriter and music director known for his works in Telugu cinema. In 1985 he received the National Film Award for Sitaara. Vamsy has his own style of making the movie with art like the director Bapu.

Early life[edit]

Vamsy was born in Balabhadrapuram and brought up in the village of Pasalapudi, near Ramachandrapuram of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.


Vamsy started writing stories from the age of 15, his first story is "Satya Sundari Navvindi" was read in All India Radio in 1975., and has also written 2 novels "Manchu Pallaki" & "Karma Sakshi" which were published in "Andhra Jyothy Weekly" before beginning his film career.

In 1976 he started to explore his career in Madras started working with V. Madhusudhan Rao as assistant director for many films, later worked as an assistant director to K Viswanath on Sankarabharanam, Bharathiraja on Seethakoka Chiluka before making his first film Manchupallaki with Chiranjeevi, Suhasini, Tripuraneni Sai Chand and Rajendra Prasad in 1982. This movie was a remake of the Tamil film Palaivana Solai directed by Robert-Rajasekaran.[1] In 1984, Vamsy made the critically acclaimed Sitaara, with which he introduced Bhanupriya to the Telugu film industry. The movie was adapted from his own novel Mahal lo Kokila (The Nightingale in the Palace). The movie won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu. In 1985, he made 'Preminchu Pelladu', the first movie with Rajendra Prasad as the sole lead.[2]

For a significant period of his career, Vamsy collaborated with the music director Ilayaraja, and their duo had produced best music in Telugu till date. Some of their best work has been in co-operation with each other. The two were so attuned to each other's way of thinking that for a song in his movie Ladies Tailor, Vamsy shot the song picturization ("Ekkada Ekkada") before the song was recorded by music director.[3] This is against the norm as usually the songs are recorded first and the filming made later in most movies.

Vamsy is also closely associated with Bapu (director) and had most of Bapu's lifetime work done for Vamsy with over 400 arts for his stories and Bapu (director) also designed all Vamsy's film titles. Vamsy directed a documentary "Bommarshi Bapu" and won a Nandi Award for Best Director from the State Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1996.

Vamsy is considered Golden Hand and has introduced many actors and technicians to the film industry like Rajendra Prasad (actor), Tanikella Bharani, Bhanupriya, Mallikarjuna Rao (actor), Maharshi Raghava, Kondavalasa, Pradeep Shakthi, Krishna Bhagavaan, Shantipriya, Hamsa Nandini, ...and many others., Introduced vilan role Jeeva (Telugu actor) as comedian.

He has published a short stories compilation called Maa Pasalapudi Kathalu. Besides that compilation, Vamsy has written a wide variety of short stories since 1974 when he was 16 years old. His major works include Mahallo kokila, Manchupallaki, Aa Naati Vaana Chinukulu, Venditera Kathalu (original scripts of Sankarabharanam and Anveshana), Vennela Bomma, Gokulam lo Radha, Ravvala konda, Sree seetarama lanchi service Rajahmundry, Manyam rani, Rangularatnam. He has penned around 360 short stories published in Swathi (magazine) weekly under the title "Maa Diguwa Godavari Kathalu" For his contributions to the art of storytelling with a native approach through his books he was bestowed with "Sripada Puraskhaaram" at Rajamundry on 17 April 2011.

He also directed a TV serial named Lady Detective for ETV (Telugu) which was aired every Thursday in 1995–96.


Vamsy is one of the very few filmmakers in Telugu who tries to depict the nativity of the concerned story. Although he is well known for portraying the scenic beauty of the Godavari and surrounding regions, the element of characterization is the highlight in his films. Ilaiyaraja has a special affection for Vamsy to the extent he once gave him 100 tunes to pick from for a particular movie. He used to take Vamsy to several special spots in Tamil Nadu including Spiritual places, Temples, Forests, mountains like Kollimalai and Arunachalam.

He directed Anveshana in 1985, a murder mystery thriller set in Talakona forest background (Near Tirupathi). Vamsy mentioned he got inspiration from 1971 European movie Cat o' Nine Tails. Ilaiyaraaja scored brilliant background music to evoke the spooky forest atmosphere and horror surrounding the murders. The film still stands as an unmatched classic thriller in Telugu industry with Hitchcockish suspense ending. Vamsi mentioned that director Ram Gopal Varma became so obsessed with this movie that RGV watched the movie 22 times during his college days.



Year Title Notes
2017 Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor
2016 Vennello Hai Hai
2010 Saradaga Kasepu
2009 Gopi Gopika Godavari
2007 Anumanaspadam
2004 Konchem touch lo unte chepthanu
2003 Donga Ramudu and Party
2002 Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru
1998 W/O V.Varaprasad
1995 Lingababu Love Story
1994 Neeku 16 Naaku 18
1994 Prema & Co
1993 Joker
1992 Detective Narada
1990 April 1st Vidudhala
1989 Swarakalpana
1989 Chettu Kinda Pleader
1988 Sri Kanaka Mahalaxmi Recording Dance Troupe
1988 Maharshi
1987 Lawyer Suhasini
1986 Ladies Tailor
1985 Aalaapana
1985 Preminchu Pelladu
1985 Anveshana
1984 Sitaara National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu
1982 Manchupallaki

Assistant Director[edit]

Year Title Notes
1981 Seethakoka Chilaka
1980 Subhodayam
1980 Sankarabharanam (1980 film)
1979 Tayaramma Bangarayya
1979 Pagadala Padava 1 Schedule
1978 Vichitra Jeevitham
1977 Edureeta


Year Title Notes
1988 Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe
1989 Swarakalpana
1990 Gali Kondapuram Railway Gate
1992 Detective Narada
2007 Anumanaspadam


Year Title Notes
2010 Saradaga Kasepu Oohalo Sundara, Manimaala
2009 Gopi Gopika Godavari Balagodari


S.No Book Title Notes
1 Manchu Pallaki - మంచుపల్లకి Novel
2 Vennela Bomma - వెన్నెల బొమ్మ Novel
3 Mahallo Kokila - మహల్లో కోకిల Novel - Sitaara Movie
4 Gokulamlo Radha - గోకులంలో రాధ Novel
5 Gali Kondapuram Railway Gate - గాలికొండపురం రైల్వేగేటు Novel
6 Ravvala Konda - రవ్వలకొండ Novel
7 Venditera Navalalu - వెండితెర నవలలు
8 Maa Pasalapudi Kadhalu - మా పసలపూడి కధలు Collection of stories
9 Maa Diguva Godaari Kadhalu - మా దిగువగోదారి కధలు Collection of stories
10 Aakupachhani Gnyaapakam - ఆకుపచ్చని జ్ఞ్యాపకం Collection of stories
11 Aanati Vaana Chinukulu - ఆనాటి వానచినుకులు Collection of stories. This has been combined with Aakupachhani Gnyaapakam later
12 Manyam Rani - మన్యం రాణి Novel
13 Rangula Ratnam - రంగుల రాట్నం Novel
14 Vamsy ki Nachhina Kadhalu - Part 1 - వంశీకి నచ్చిన కధలు 1 Collection of stories by popular writers, edited by Vamsy
15 Vamsy ki Nachhina Kadhalu - Part 2 - వంశీకి నచ్చిన కధలు 2 Collection of stories by popular writers, edited by Vamsy
16 Matlade Gnyaapakalu - మాట్లాడే జ్ఞ్యాపకాలు Collection of stories
17 Nallamillori Palem Kadhalu - నల్లమిల్లోరిపాలెం Collection of stories
18 Khachhitamgaa Naku Telsu - ఖచ్చితంగా నాకు తెల్సు కధలు (No Stock) Collection of stories
19 Polamaarina Gnyaapakalu - పొలమారిన జ్ఞ్యాపకాలు The first in Indian Literature to write the real-life incidents with a nostalgic story narration with supporting pictures.
20 Evo Konni Gurthukostunnayi - ఏవో.. కొన్ని గుర్తుకొస్తున్నాయి Collection of his movie flash backs


Music director[edit]

Year Title
1993 Joker
1993 Kannayya Kittayya
1994 Prema & Co
1994 Neeku 16 Naaku 18
1995 Lingababu Love Story


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