Vanløse Station

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S-train and Metro station
Metro train at Vanløse station
Location Jernbane Alle 46, 2720 Vanløse, Copenhagen
Coordinates 55°41′14″N 12°29′30″E / 55.68722°N 12.49167°E / 55.68722; 12.49167Coordinates: 55°41′14″N 12°29′30″E / 55.68722°N 12.49167°E / 55.68722; 12.49167
Platform levels 2
Other information
Fare zone 2

15 Juni 1898

12 October 2003 (Metro)
Rebuilt 3 April 1934 (Ringline converted to S-train)
23 September 1941 (Frederikssund radial converted to S-train)
Electrified 1934/1941 (S-train), 2003 (Metro)
Preceding station   S-train   Following station
toward Farum
toward Klampenborg
Preceding station   Copenhagen Metro   Following station
Terminus M1
toward Vestamager
toward Lufthavnen

Vanløse Station is an S-train and Copenhagen Metro station in the Vanløse district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The metro station at street level is the western terminus of lines M1 and M2. S-trains on the Frederikssund radial stop at an upper level to the south of the Metro station. It is located in fare zone 2.

The lower level, where the Metro terminus is placed, used to be an S-train station, too; between 1934 and 2002 S-trains on Ring Line reversed here on their way from Hellerup to Frederiksberg.

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