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Express passenger tender locomotives Class 05 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (German Reich Railway).

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In rail transport, a train is a vehicle or (more frequently) a string of vehicles capable of being moved along a continuous line of rails or other guideway for the purpose of conveying freight or passengers between points on a predetermined route. The train may be hauled or propelled by one or more vehicles designed exclusively for that purpose (locomotives) or may be driven by a number of motors incorporated in all or several of the vehicles (multiple units).

As of 2018, there are approximately 1,052,000 kilometres (654,000 mi) of railway track in use worldwide. (World Bank (via

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One of the platforms at Frøen station in July 2015

Frøen is a rapid transit station of the Oslo Metro's Holmenkollen Line and previously also the Sognsvann Line. It is situated Frøen neighborhood of the Oslo, Norway, borough of Vestre Aker. Located 3.2 kilometers (2.0 mi) from Stortinget, the station is served by Line 1 of the metro every fifteen minutes. Travel time to Stortinget is six minutes. The initial station opened on 31 May 1898. With the construction of the Sognsvann Line, Frøen became both a stop on it as well as the interchange between the two lines. It therefore received four separate platforms at three different elevations. It served trains on the Sognsvann Line from 10 October 1934 until 1992. Frøen received a slight upgrade in 2010. However, Ruter plans to close it down and replace it and Steinerud with a new station.

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SNCB locomotives

SNCB electric locomotives #2635 (a Class 26) and #2013 (a Class 20) await their next assignments on a sunny July day in Belgium in 2011.

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The mosaic and platform at Flushing Avenue station in April 2021

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June 30
LUAS tram

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The preserved C&O 1309 at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in October 2009
An Avelia Liberty train on a test run in Delaware in May 2020
Berryessa/North San José station on the first day of service

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