Vanaraja Chavda

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Vanaraja Chavda
Image of Vanraj Chavda
Chavda king
Successor Yograj
Father Jayashekhara
Mother Rupasundari

Vanaraja Chavda was the most prominent king of the Chavda dynasty, a dynasty which ruled Gujarat from 746 AD to 942 AD.[1][2]


Vanaraja Chavda is not portrayed as a Jain by birth, yet he is shown participating in distinctly Jain rituals of kingship by Jain authors.[3]

During the seventh or early eighth century, Panchasar was the capital of Chavda ruler, Jayashekhara, who was killed by a Gurjara-Pratihara king.[4]

According to Merutunga's Prabandhachintamani, Jayashekhara's wife, Rupasundari, fled to the forests of Radhanpur and gave birth to a son and named him Vanaraja (king of forests).[4] A Jain Acharya, Shilagunasuri, purchased the boy from her and gave him to sadhvi Viramati for raising.[4] He was educated by Jain priests and gained an academic as well as a military education. He eventually raised an army of Bhil (tribal) men and helped by his friend lieutenant Anhil,[citation needed] regained his father's lost kingdom and established the city of Anhilwad Patan in 746. He named it in honour of Anhil, and made it the capital of his kingdom. It went on to be the most prosperous cities of its time in India. He also founded the city of Champaner, in honour one of his generals, Champa.[citation needed]

Vanraj Chavda was succeeded by his son, Yograj Chavda.


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