Vantage Pointe Condominium

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Vantage Pointe Condominium
General information
Status Complete
Type Residential
Location San Diego, California
Coordinates 32°43′05.61″N 117°09′21.60″W / 32.7182250°N 117.1560000°W / 32.7182250; -117.1560000Coordinates: 32°43′05.61″N 117°09′21.60″W / 32.7182250°N 117.1560000°W / 32.7182250; -117.1560000
Antenna spire None
Top floor 420 ft (130 m)
Technical details
Floor count 41
Design and construction
Architect S2 Architecture

Vantage Pointe Condominium is a high-rise 40 Story building in San Diego. Bounded by Ninth and tenth Avenues, and A and B Streets, construction began in 2006 and ended in 2008. It is one of Downtown San Diego's largest apartment buildings, surpassed only by the Pinnacle West Tower by about 60 feet.[1] In 2009 the building's owners announced they will refund all the purchase deposits made for its units.[2][3][4]

Architect critics have criticized the building's lack of "human-scale relationship at street level," thus earning it the "Grand Onion" award by the San Diego Architectural Foundation.[5]

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