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Varzob District (Tajik: Ноҳияи Варзоб, translit. Nohiyayi Varzob) is a district in the Region of Republican Subordination in Tajikistan, lying north of Dushanbe. It borders on Hisor District from the west, Rudaki District from the south, and Vahdat District from the east. The Gissar Range runs along its northern edge. The Varzob River traverses the entire district north to south. The district capital is Varzob.

Beside the river, grows a native species of Iris vicaria,[1] and Iris hoogiana.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Location in Tajikistan

The district is divided administratively into jamoats. They are as follows (and population).[3]

Jamoats of Varzob District
Jamoat Population
Ayni 7167
Chorbogh 16216
Dehmalik 5914
Luchob 5141
Varzobqala 8318
Ziddi 5373


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