Vasilisa the Beautiful (1977 film)

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Vasilisa the Beautiful
Vasilisa the Beautiful (1977 film).jpg
Directed byVladimir Pekar
Produced byFyodor Ivanov
Written byVictor Merezhko
StarringMikhail Kononov
Anna Kamenkova
Music byYevgeny Botyarov
CinematographyKabul Rasulov
Edited byNatalia Stepantseva
Release date
  • May 4, 1977 (1977-05-04)
Running time
18 minutes[1]

Vasilisa the Beautiful (Russian: Василиса Прекрасная, romanizedVasilisa Prekrasnaya) is a 1977 Soviet hand-drawn animated film directed by Vladimir Pekar[2] and made by Soyuzmultfilm Studio[3]. The story is based on the Russian folk tale The Frog Princess.[4]


The tsar wants his three sons to get married. The brothers gather into an open field and shoot arrows into different directions. The arrow of the eldest son falls at the Boyarsky Dvor, to the daughter of a Boyar, arrow of the middle son - fell into the yard of a merchant, and the arrow of the youngest son Ivan falls into the swamp.[2]


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