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Vavrinec Benedikt z Nedožier (Czech: Vavřinec Benedikt z Nudožer (Nedožer, Nedožier, Nudožerinus), Hungarian: Benedicti M. Lőrinc; 1555, Nedožery (Hungarian: Nedozser, Nádasér-Berzseny), Kingdom of Hungary, now Slovakia – June 4, 1615, Prague, Bohemia, now Czech Republic) was a Slovak mathematician, teacher, poet, translator and philologist settled in Bohemia.

He studied in Jihlava and Prague. From 1604 he was active at the University of Prague where he taught classical philology and later mathematics.[1] The dean and vice-rector of the university.[1] He was involved in the development of Czech humanism.

He was the author of the first systematic Czech grammar (Grammaticae Bohemicae ad leges naturalis methodi conformatae et notis numerisque illustratae ac distinctae libri duo, 1603).[1] He also drew attention to Slovak as a distinct language and suggested Slovaks to cultivate their language.[1]




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