Veľká Lomnica

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Veľká Lomnica
Main church in Veľká Lomnica
Main church in Veľká Lomnica
Veľká Lomnica is located in Slovakia
Veľká Lomnica
Veľká Lomnica
Location of Veľká Lomnica in Slovakia
Coordinates: 49°07′N 20°21′E / 49.117°N 20.350°E / 49.117; 20.350Coordinates: 49°07′N 20°21′E / 49.117°N 20.350°E / 49.117; 20.350
First mentioned1257
 • Total11.912 km2 (4.599 sq mi)
678 m (2,224 ft)
 • Total4,890
 • Density410/km2 (1,100/sq mi)
Postal code
059 52
Area code(s)+421-52
Car plateKK

Veľká Lomnica (1808 Welká Lomnica, 1900 Kakaslomnic, 1920 Lomnica) is a large village and municipality in Kežmarok District in the Prešov Region of north Slovakia.


The municipality lies at an altitude of 639 metres and covers an area of 19.117 km² . It has a population of about 4,890 people.


Lomnica is thought to stem from Slav word Lom - (rock) quarry, the name Veľká (great) has been added in later records to differentiate it from two other settlements with the same name.


Archeological finds of fortified settlement of Baden culture in the locality Burchbrich are dated to the end of stone and beginning of Bronze Age, more than 4000 years ago. 70 small animal sculptures were found as well as many tools. In the first century BC, the Celts settle here and during Great Moravia period the Slavs arrive. The village was first mentioned in 1257. The original Slav population was outnumbered by German settlers in later Middle Ages. In the upheavals of 1945 Germans left and now the population is formed by Slovak settlers mainly from Pohorela and region of Gorals and also by Roma ethnic group. The well preserved romano-gothic church of Catherine of Alexandria was built in the 13th century and rebuilt in the 15th century. It has unique gothic wall frescoes discovered in the 1950s. The fresco "King Ladislaus fighting the Cumans" is considered one of the most valuable in Slovakia.

Golf course[edit]

In 2005 had been opened a nine holes golf course and a year later additional nine holes course circuit, so in 2012 has Veľká Lomnica altogether 18 holes course. Before opening is another nine holes circuit. The village is a place of annual golf tournament Charity Golf Cup.

Famous people[edit]


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