Los vecinos en guerra

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Los Vecinos en Guerra
Los vecinos en guerra poster.jpg
Also known as 'Vecinos en Guerra'
Genre Romantic comedy
Created by Sebastian Ortega
Directed by Miguel Colom
Starring Diego Torres
Eleonora Wexler
Mónica Antonópulos
Marco Antonio Caponi
Mike Amigorena
Juan Gil Navarro
Theme music composer Leo Sujatovich and Rafael Arcaute
Opening theme Vecinos en Guerra
Country of origin Argentina
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 146
Executive producer(s) Gustavo Errico
Pablo Culell
Producer(s) Underground contenidos
Location(s) Buenos Aires
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Telefe
Original release April 15, 2013 – January 02, 2014
Preceded by Graduados
Followed by Somos familia

Los Vecinos en Guerra (Spanish: Neighbors at War) is an Argentine television comedy starring Diego Torres, Eleonora Wexler and Mike Amigorena and originally aired on Underground contenidos.[1]


Mecha (Eleonora Wexler) is a housewife almost 40, who 20 years ago was part of a group of con artists -something she has kept a secret until today. In the past Mecha worked with Alex (Mike Amigorena), who was recruited for this type of tasks and became his first love, and Ciro (Luis Ziembrowski) who planned and financed the scams. A robbery failed and the group disbanded. Mecha, with a changed identity, began a new life away from scams. Mecha never told her husband Rafael (Diego Torres) his secret, and while they are happy, she is a little bored with her role as mother of three and wife. A morning like any other, they discover that the most luxurious house in the neighborhood is being abandoned in a hurry and that immediately after a new family moves: the Mayorga. Mecha, seeing them, is shocked to discover that the family man is none other than Alex, her former lover and partner in thefts whom she believed dead. He tells Mecha that Ciro has been released from prison after 20 years and seeks revenge on his former teammates, for he believes they betrayed them and ran away with the loot of the failed heist. Alex vows to protect Mecha's life and hires a group of actors-turned-con men to pretend to be a normal family and thus, to be near her family unnoticed.


The 2013 prime time of Argentine television is highly disputed by the channels El Trece and Telefe. El Trece airs Solamente Vos and Farsantes, and Telefe airs Los Vecinos en Guerra and Celebrity Splash!, both channels with similar ratings.[2]


Main characters[edit]

Secondary characters[edit]

Recurring characters[edit]

Special performances[edit]


Character Actor/Actress Cause Episode
Alex López/Mayorga Mike Amigorena He is killed by Mariano 62
Ivana Fernández/Barreiro Mónica Antonópulos She is killed by Mariano 89
Gasparini Alejandro Fiore He is killed by Mariano 94
Mariano Sánchez Ginastera Juan Gil Navarro He is killed by Rafael 135




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