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Industry broadband
Founded 1988
Founder Jacek Kajut
Headquarters Gdynia, Poland
Key people
Jacek Kajut, CEO
Number of employees

VECTOR, VECTOR is an international technology company, which specializes in the designing and manufacturing of innovative solutions for telecommunications operators in Europe. The company delivers solutions for active access network equipment and digital television headends. VECTOR’s customers are the leading cable operators in Europe. The extensive partner network enables support for small and medium-sized operators.

Established in Gdynia, Poland in 1988 by Jacek Kajut, Vector develops middleware solutions for IPTV and triple-play operators, installs broadband hardware and software, and offers consultancy services in the field of broadband and telephony. Vector currently has 400 employees with office in Gdynia.

Vector handled the implementation of Polish first HDTV systems at Telewizja Polska.

Acting as a professional services provider for the Cable network operators, Vector has been appointed to provide professional services to in excess of 60% of the programme to date.

In October 2008 VECTOR nominated for the UPC Broadband Award.

VECTOR together with its partners: Alcatel-Lucent, Telenet, Zon TV Cabo, TNO the Institute of Communication Technologies in Braunschweig are participating in Redesign project, supported by the European Union within the frame of the 7th Framework Program.

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