Vector M12

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Vector M12
Manufacturer Vector Aeromotive
Production 1995–1999
(17 produced)
Model years 1996–1999
Body and chassis
Class mid-engined coupe
Engine 5.7L Lamborghini V12
Curb weight 3,600 lb (1,600 kg)
Predecessor Vector WX-3
Successor Vector SRV8

The Vector M12 was a vehicle designed by parent company Megatech LTD for its Vector Aeromotive division, and was the first vehicle produced after the hostile takeover of the company from Jerry Wiegert by the Indonesian company Megatech. The model was produced from 1995 to 1999, when production was halted, partly due to slow sales of the cars and mismanagement[according to whom?] of the company. The base price of the M12 was $184,000 (USD) in 1996 and $189,000 (USD) in the years following.

The vehicle was a rebodied Lamborghini Diablo with a chopper gun fiberglass body set on a lengthened Diablo chassis. It was a loose copy of the Vector AWX-3, which was not released due to the Megatech hostile takeover. The drivetrain was a 5707 cc Lamborghini V12 engine, which produced 499 PS (367 kW; 492 hp) and 425 lb·ft (576 N·m) of torque at 5200 rpm. This differed from the V8 in the W8 and the AWX-3, which Vector claimed to produce 1,200 hp (895 kW) in twin-turbo form (and 850 hp (634 kW) when naturally aspirated). The W8 and AWX-3's engines were transversely mounted, unlike the M12's V12. The engineering changes placed the cockpit slightly further forward than in the AWX-3, with a shorter nose and longer tail. The M12 was able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.8 seconds and had a top speed of 189 mph (304 km/h).

A Vector M12 ASR racecar.

The M12 was supposed[by whom?] to be a more finalized and road-friendly version of the AWX-3, which could get up to 13 miles per gallon. There were 18 M12s produced: four pre-production models and 14 production models. One of the M12 pre-production cars was converted to motorsport specification by the factory, but did not perform successfully due to mechanical problems[citation needed]. This car would again be converted, this time into the SRV8.

In 2011, two of the 14 production models were both damaged in separate accidents, car numbers 06 and 13, respectively. Car 06 was destroyed in a fire, and car 13 was damaged by flood water in Britain. Car 13 is apparently being repaired in Dubai. It is currently unknown what will happen to car 06.

The M12 production run ended in 1999 when Vector could not pay Lamborghini for the engines. Lamborghini took a W8 as payment, but Wiegert litigated for ownership of that car. An M12 unit would later be modified into the SRV8 model, but the Vector company did not survive.

The Vector M12 earned the inauspicious award from AutoWeek Magazine as being the worst car ever tested in the history of AutoWeek.

The M12 is featured in a number of video games, including: