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Vedder is a Dutch and Low German surname. Vedder, related to Dutch vader ("father"), meant "uncle" (father's or mother's brother) in Middle Dutch and Eastern dialects of Dutch.[1] Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Swart Vedder (1834–1905), New York state born British Columbian politician, son of Volkert
  • Amy Vedder (born 1951), American ecologist and primatologist
  • Commodore P. Vedder (1838–1910), New York politician
  • Eddie Vedder (born 1964), American rock musician, singer, and songwriter
  • Edward Bright Vedder (1878–1952), U.S. Army physician, researcher of deficiency diseases, and medical educator
  • Elihu Vedder (1836-1923), American painter, book illustrator, and poet
  • Harmen Albertse Vedder (1635–1715), Dutch settler in New Netherland, forebear of nearly all Vedders in North America[2]
  • Heinrich Vedder (1876-1972), German missionary, linguist, ethnologist, and historian
  • Henry Clay Vedder (1853–1935), American Baptist church historian
  • Yvette Iola Vedder (1928–2010), American actress, pin-up model and singer
  • John F. D. Vedder (1789-1863), New York politician
  • Lou Vedder (1897–1990), American baseball and football player
  • Ria Vedder-Wubben (1951–2016), Dutch politician
  • Richard Vedder (born 1940), American economist and college professor
  • Shirley Vedder née Matthews (1942–2013), Canadian pop singer

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