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Versasec AB
FormerlyVersatile Security Sweden AB (2007–2015)
Company typeAB (Aktiebolag)
IndustryComputer software
FoundedSeptember 27, 2007 (2007-09-27)
FoundersPer-Anders Fjärdsäter
Joakim Thorén
Jörg Dettmann
Paul Foley
Number of locations
6 official offices (2022)
Key people
Torvald Bohlin, Chairman

Joakim Thorén, CEO
Jörg Dettmann, CTO

Per-Anders Fjärdsäter, CFO

Versasec AB was founded in 2007[1] in Stockholm, Sweden. The company produces and sells identity management software for computer security and has specialized in software connecting smart cards to computer systems.

Versasec has developed the following product lines:

  • vSEC:ID[8][9] – software for enabling public key operations using smart cards in organizations, for example to use digital signatures
  • vSEC:MAIL[10][11] – software that enables organizations to communicate using encrypted and/or digitally signed email messages

The company has a partnership with Thales CPL(previously Gemalto). The Versasec-Thales partnership began in 2010,[12] and enables the company to offer its products through the Thales partner network.[13] Thales offers vSEC:CMS as part of their product portfolio.[14]

In 2022 Entrust and Versasec established a partnership.[15] The partnership[16] enables Entrust to include credential management in the Entrust PKI offer.

Versasec currently has offices in the following countries:

During its first four years, Versasec was self-financed. In 2011, the company conducted its first round of financing,[17] raising capital from investors in Sweden, including Almi Invest[18] and Stockholms Affärsänglar (STOAF).[19]

Versasec has been awarded the Dagens industri DI Gasell[20] award three years in a row (2017, 2018 and 2019[21]), recognizing Versasec as one of the fastest growing profitable companies in Sweden.

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