Very Nice, Very Nice

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Very Nice, Very Nice
Directed by Arthur Lipsett
Produced by Tom Daly
Colin Low
Edited by Arthur Lipsett
Distributed by National Film Board of Canada
Release date
Running time
7 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Very Nice, Very Nice is a 7-minute-long avant-garde collage film made by Arthur Lipsett in 1961, and produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

While working at the National Film Board, Lipsett collected pieces of audio from the waste bins and pieced them together as a hobby. When his friends heard the product of this they suggested that he add images to it. The result was this film.

Release and reception[edit]

It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 34th Academy Awards.

Stanley Kubrick wrote to Lipsett to praise Very Nice, Very Nice, stating that it was "the most imaginative and brilliant uses of the movie screen and soundtrack that I have ever seen."[1] Kubrick asked him to create a trailer for his upcoming Dr. Strangelove. Lipsett declined Kubrick's offer. Kubrick went on to direct the trailer himself; however, Lipsett's influence on Kubrick is clearly visible in the released trailer.[citation needed]

By 1970 this film had 200 prints in circulation. It is often shown at film festivals and in film schools.


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