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The Vibe for Philo is a one-day festival/concert that occurs yearly as a tribute to Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott on 4 January, the anniversary of his death. It was first organised in 1987 by Lynott's "friend" Smiles Bolger who still runs the festival to this day. Each year a variety of musicians perform including Thin Lizzy tribute bands as well as members of bands Phil played in and reformed versions of these bands, such as when a reformed version of Thin Lizzy performed in 1996. Each year the festival has a title, usually named after a Thin Lizzy song.[1] Highlights are uploaded to YouTube.

Vibe For Philo By Year[edit]

2008 - "Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed"[edit]

Venue: The Button Factory
Artists/Speakers: Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, Gnasher, The Southbound Band, Tizz Lizzy, Glyder[2]

2009 - "Dancing in the Moonlight"[edit]

Venue: The Button Factory
Artists/Speakers: Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, The Lizzyboys, Matt & Phil (of Tizz Lizzy), John Conlon (of Thin az Lizzy), Derek Herebert, Dave McGuinness, Colm Querney, Mark Adams, Paul Toal, Robbie Bray, Richie Buckley, Emerald, Renegade, Nell Bryden[3]

2010 - "Running Back"[edit]

Venue: The Button Factory
Artists/Speakers: Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, Yellow Pearl, Metalita, Tupelo, Barry Whyte Band, Silverbird, Keith Grogan & John Nesbitt, The Quicksand Band, Dave Morrissey[4]

2011 - "Black Rose"[edit]

Venue: Vicar Street
Artists/Speakers: Eric Bell, Brian Robertson Band, Chris Laney, Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, Matt'n'Phil, The Pat McManus Band, Conor McGouran Quartet, Gnasher, Mark Dignam, Leanne Harte, Tony Powell, Glen Hansard[5]

2012 - "Are You Ready?"[edit]

Venue: The Button Factory
Artists/Speakers: Doish Nagle's Grand Slam, The Thin Lizzy Experience, Republic of Loose, The Low Riders, Smiles Bolger[6]

2013 - "Dublin"[7][edit]

Venue: The Button Factory
Artists/Speakers: Faither Jack, The Low Riders, Conor McGouran and The Harley's, The Thin Lizzy Experience, Dubh Linn Boys[8]

2014 - "Fight or Fall"[edit]

Venue: Vicar Street
Artists/Speakers: Smiles Bolger, Brenny Bonass & Shea Fitzgerald, The Lizzy Experience, Sal Vitro, Pat Coldrick & Dick Farrelly, The Low Riders, Philomena Lynott, Dizzy Lizzy[9]

2015 - "Get Out Of Here"[10][edit]

Venue: Vicar Street
Artists/Speakers: Pat McManus, The Low Riders, Bad Reputation, The Dark Lanes, Conor Scott, The Barley Mob, The Dunford Brothers

2016 - "The Sun Goes Down"[11][edit]

Venue: Vicar Street
Artists/Speakers: Eric Bell Trio, Brian Downey, The Soul Brothers, The Low Riders, Parris, The Hoodoos feat. John Conton, Mongoose, Fiach Moriarty

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