Victor Eftimiu

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Victor Eftimiu
Victor Eftimiu.jpg
Born24 January 1889
Died27 November 1972 (aged 83)
Bucharest, Romania
Viktor Eftimiu on a 1999 Albanian stamp

Victor Eftimiu (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈviktor efˈtimju]; 24 January 1889 – 27 November 1972) was a Romanian poet and playwright. He was a contributor to Sburătorul, a Romanian literary magazine. His works have been performed in the State Jewish Theater of Romania.

Eftimiu was of Albanian origin.[1][2] He was born in Boboshticë near Korçë. In 1913, he emigrated from Albania to Romania, where he found work as a theatre manager. He published several books of poetry, and wrote comedies and satirical pieces for the theatre. He also wrote a volume of Romanian fairy tales, and several children's books. He wrote also criticisms and articles for numerous magazines.




  • Poemele singurătății (1912)
  • Candele stinse (1915)
  • Lebedele sacre (1920)
  • Cântecul milei (1925)
  • Noaptea subterană (1933)
  • Oglinzile (1939)
  • Cântecul mamei și al copilului (1939)
  • 13 decembrie și alte poeme (1947)
  • Odă limbii române (1957)
  • Soliile terestre (1961)
  • Poezii (1964)
  • Crizanteme


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