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Victoria Cirlot Valenzuela (born 1955) is a Spanish scholar of medieval culture and literature, philologist, translator and editor. She is currently a professor of medieval literature and comparative literature at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona,[1] Celtic religion[disambiguation needed] professor at the University of Barcelona, and professor of symbology at the Universitat Ramon Llull in the same city. The collection El Árbol del Paraíso of the Editorial Siruela (Madrid) is co-directed by her.[2] She is also a founding member of the Institut Universitari de Cultura and coordinator of the research team of the Biblioteca Mystica et Philosophica Alois M. Haas. Cirlot is a member of the Institut Carl Gustav Jung Barcelona. Some of her influences are the study of mysticism, symbology and the history of religions on one hand, and by the aesthetics of reception on the other.[3][4]

Cirlot was born in Barcelona to the poet Juan Eduardo Cirlot, whose book A Dictionary of Symbols she edited, and which contains an epilogue by her. Her sister is fellow professor Lourdes Cirlot.[5]



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