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Departamento Biedma
location of Biedma Department in Chubut Province
location of Biedma Department in Chubut Province
Coordinates: 42°46′S 65°02′W / 42.767°S 65.033°W / -42.767; -65.033Coordinates: 42°46′S 65°02′W / 42.767°S 65.033°W / -42.767; -65.033
Country Argentina Argentina
Province Chubut Coat of Arms of Catamarca Province
Capital founded July 28, 1865
Capital Puerto Madryn
 • Mayor Carlos Elicece (PJ)
 • Total 12,940 km2 (5,000 sq mi)
Population (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total 58,667
 • Density 4.5/km2 (12/sq mi)
 • Change 1991-2001 +28.98%
Post code 9120
Area code(s) 02965
Distance to Buenos Aires 1,334km

Biedma is a department located in the north east of Chubut Province, on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. The spelling Viedma is also sometimes used, but the spelling Biedma is preferred, to distinguish the department from the city of Viedma in Rio Negro Province.

The provincial subdivision has a population of about 59,000 inhabitants in an area of 12,940 km², and its capital city is Puerto Madryn, which is located around 1,334 km from Buenos Aires.


The main contributors to the economy of Biedma are tourism, fishing, farming and the production of Aluminium.


Northern shoreline of Puerto Madryn.
Shore cliffs common along the Patagonian shore.
Southern right whale.


Puerto Madryn is home to two football clubs; Club Social y Atlético Guillermo Brown, who play in Torneo Argentino A and Deportivo Madryn that currently play in Torneo Argentino B.


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