Vienenburg–Goslar railway

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Route number: 330, 353
Line number: 1932
Line length: 12.8 km
Track gauge: 1,435 mm
from Brunswick
from Halberstadt and Ilsenburg
0,0 Vienenburg
to Bad Harzburg
from Bad Harzburg
8,7 Oker
12,8 Goslar
to Hildesheim
to Kreiensen

The Vienenburg–Goslar railway is a main line between Vienenburg and Goslar on the northern edge of the Harz mountains in Germany. It was opened in 1866.


The 12.8 kilometre long route is single-tracked between Vienenburg and Oker. For much of its way the line follows the river Oker. The section from Oker to Goslar has been doubled.


The line is worked by regional trains on the Goslar–Vienenburg–Brunswick route. On the Goslar–Oker section there trains also run from Hanover and Kreiensen to Bad Harzburg.