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ViewMAX is the file manager supplied with DR DOS versions 5.0 and 6.0. It is based on a cut-down version of the GEM GUI.


ViewMAX/1 was distributed with DR DOS 5.0. It had a very similar appearance to previous GEM desktops – two fixed-size windows. Each window would either contain icons representing directories and files, or a representation of the directory hierarchy.

ViewMAX/2 was distributed with DR DOS 6.0. Various graphical improvements were made in this release, including controls with a 3D appearance and user-selectable colour schemes. Support was added for the DR DOS task switcher TaskMAX; if this was present, applications would be launched as separate tasks, and ViewMAX could switch between them. The directory tree (if enabled) was now shown beside the list of icons, rather than instead of it.

ViewMAX/3 was intended to be the graphical file manager for Novell's next version of DR DOS. However, it was never completed and apparently abandoned in favour to Apple's and Novell's "Star Trek" team project in 1992/1993, which remained unreleased as well. So Novell DOS 7, as "DR DOS 7.0" was called in 1994, came without a graphical file manager. Source code of a ViewMAX/3 beta version has been published by Caldera in 1996. ViewMAX/3 would have included support for colour icons, resizable windows, and program groups.

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