Vihorlat-Gutin Area

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Lake Morské oko ("Eye of the Sea"), in the Vihorlat Mountains of Slovakia

The Vihorlat-Gutin Area (in Slovak Vihorlatsko-gutínska oblasť; in Ukrainian known as the Volcanic Ridge, Vulkanichnyi chrebet) is a region of mountain ranges spanning eastern Slovakia, northern Romania, and western Ukraine.

Geologically these ranges are considered part of the Inner Eastern Carpathians group of the Eastern Carpathians. Within Romania, however, it is traditional to divide the Eastern Carpathians in Romanian territory into three geographical groups (north, center, south), instead in Outer and Inner Eastern Carpathians. The Romanian portions of Vihorlat-Gutin Area are considered part of the northern Carpathians of Maramureş and Bucovina (Munţii Carpaţi ai Maramureşului şi Bucovinei).

These mountain ranges include:

Coordinates: 48°26′00″N 23°09′00″E / 48.4333°N 23.1500°E / 48.4333; 23.1500