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Viktor Gutmann
von Gelse und Belišće
Born (1891-10-03)3 October 1891
Belišće, Austro-Hungarian Empire, (now Croatia)
Died 17 February 1946(1946-02-17) (aged 54)
Zagreb, SFR Yugoslavia, (now Croatia)
Citizenship Croatia
Education Mechanical engineering
Alma mater Vienna University of Technology
Occupation Businessman, Engineer
Home town Belišće
Criminal penalty death penalty
Spouse(s) Luise (née Bloch-Bauer)
Children Francis
Nelly of Auersperg
Parent(s) Alfred Gutmann
Ottilie Gutmann (née Pollak von Rudin)
Relatives Edmund Gutmann (uncle)
Ernest (brother)
Otto (brother)
Maria Altmann (sister in law)

Baron Viktor Gutmann von Gelse und Belišće (3 October 1891 – 17 February 1946) was Croatian nobleman and industrialist.

Early life[edit]

Baron Gutmann was born in Belišće on 3 October 1891 to a noble Croatian Jewish family Gutmann. His father, Baron Alfred Gutmann von Gelse und Belišće (born 1857), was the youngest son of Salamon Heinrich Gutman and brother of Baron Edmund Gutmann. Whole Gutmann family was awarded with a hereditary peer Baron von Gelse und Belišće.[1] His mother was Ottilie (née Pollak von Rudin) Gutmann.

Baron Gutmann was married to Luise Bloch-Bauer. His wife Luise the daughter of Marie Therese (née Bauer 1874–1961) and Gustav Bloch (1862-1938). Luise was sister of Maria Altmann and niece of Adele Bloch-Bauer,[2] a wealthy member of Viennese society and a patron and close friend of Gustav Klimt.

Great War and aftermath[edit]

He graduated as a mechanical engineer at the Vienna University of Technology.[3] After graduation he served in the Austro-Hungarian Army on the Eastern Front during World War I. Baron Gutmann was awarded with Military Merit Medal and several others valor medals.[1]

After the war he returned to Belišće to work at his family company "H.S. Gutmann". His grandfather Salamon established the wood-processing company "H.S. Gutmann" in Hungary. At first Gutmann worked under his cousin Artur Gutmann who was the oldest son of Edmund Gutmann.[3] After his cousin death, Baron Gutmann and his brother Ernest took over the company. Baron Gutmann and his brother have expanded the company, build up and developed Belišće.[1] Gutmann family was very loved and popular in Belišće and among company employees.[4]

During Second World War[edit]

During World War II Baron Gutmann company was nationalised by the Independent State of Croatia regime. As Jews, in 1943, Baron Gutmann, his wife and children where arrested and taken by Ustaše to prison at Savska street.[3]

Baron Gutmann and his family managed to survive the Holocaust. After the war Baron Gutmann, as an idealist, returned to Belišće to assist in the reconstruction of Yugoslavia.[3]

Capture, trial and death[edit]

On 17 November 1945 Baron Gutmann was arrested by the newly founded communist regime of SFR Yugoslavia as a "capitalist and aristocrat" under false charges of collaboration with the Nazis.[3] After two days of the trail at County Peoples Court in Zagreb Baron Gutmann was sentenced to death on 23 November 1945.[2] Final verdict was confirmed by Supreme Court of PR Croatia on 16 January 1946.[2]

He was executed in 1946 by the Communist regime in Zagreb.[2][3]


Baron Gutmann and his wife Luise had a son Franjo and daughter Nelly.[1]

Daughter Nelly was born in Vienna on 13 December 1928. Nelly enrolled in medical school at the University of Zagreb in 1946, where she studied for three years till 1949. In 1950 Nelly moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where she married in 1955 to Johananes Weikhardt of Auersperg, a descendant of Heinrich Joseph Johann of Auersperg and grand-grandnephew of two Minister-Presidents of Austria, Karl and Adolf of Auersperg.[5][6] After completing a Ph.D. in cell biology at the University of British Columbia, Nelly assumed a position there as Associate Professor in 1968.


In June 2016 Council of the County Court in Zagreb accepted request for review of Gutmann's trial and quashed the verdict from 1946. The review of trial of Gutmann was requested by Nelly, daughter of Gutmann.[2]


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