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Vineeta Rastogi (August 4, 1968 in Silver Spring, Maryland – December 5, 1995) was an Indian-American AIDS activist, public health worker and Peace Corps Volunteer in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

She attended University of Maryland, Harvard School of Public Health and had been accepted at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health for a Ph.D when she was diagnosed with cancer. When the disease was terminal she started the Vineeta Foundation to continue her life's work.

She was a delegate to Cairo’s International Conference on Population and Development, Yokohama’s International AIDS Conference and Asian-American Conference at White House. She was Co-Chair of the “Violence and Human Rights” Conference and a founding member of Young Indian-American Forum. She was an Albert Schweitzer Urban Fellow and Award-winner (for outstanding Public Health student).


Today the foundation that bears Rastogi's name is a major force in public health and human rights, both domestically and globally.

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