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Vinie Burrows (Harrison) is an award-winning Broadway actress.

Burows has been active at the United Nations Economic and Social Council on the issues of the status of women and Southern Africa. [1]

In 1959, a Vinie Burrows, possibly identical, commissioned the work of black composer Ulysses Simpson Kay. [2]

Burrows won the Paul Robeson Award in 1986.

She was to appear in a show titled Sister! Sister! at the University of Delaware in Newark in November 1991. [3]

She was to be a panelist in the 2000-2001 African Diaspora lecture series at the Center for Ideas and Society in Riverside, California. [4]

She was to appear in a reprise of the show titled Sister! Sister! at Brandeis University's Women's Studies Research Center in March 2001. [5]

The Black Theater Guild at Massachusetts Institute of Technology expected to host Burrows for lunch in February 2003. [6]

She played the role of Barbara Scarlatti in Bel Canto in September 2003 on stage in Atlanta, Georgia. [7]

She was due to appear in a show titled Black on the Great White Way: The Story of Rose McClendon at the University of Iowa in March 2007. [8]

In 2014, Burrows received an award from the International Communications Association and AUDELCO for her Outstanding Contribution to the Arts and the Community.


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