Vinnukum Mannukum

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Vinnukum Mannukum
Directed by Rajakumaran
Produced by R. B. Choudary
Written by Rajakumaran
Starring Vikram
R. Sarath Kumar
Music by Sirpy
Super Good films
Release date
  • 30 March 2001 (2001-03-30)
Running time
156 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Vinnukum Mannukum (English: For Space, For Land) is a 2001 Tamil language movie directed by Rajakumaran. It stars Vikram, Sarath Kumar, Devayani and Kushboo in the lead roles. It was commercially unsuccessful.


Sakthivel (R. Sarath Kumar) is the leader of his village and is adored by the people. His only brother is Selvam (Vikram) who, after completing his education in Singapore, returns to the hamlet. Both Sakthivel and his wife Lakshmi (Khushboo) are very fond of Selvam and want him to get married and live happily. Selvam is keen on marrying a girl he has seen in his dream. Sakthivel is prepared to go anywhere to find the girl.

Selvam actually comes across the photograph of his dream girl Devayani (Devayani) in a TV advertisement and discovers that she is an actress . A film crew lands in the village for shooting, and Devayani, as she is called in the film too, is in the group. Sakthivel approaches her with his brother's proposal, but she insults him.

"I am beautiful and famous and cannot marry a villager," she says. Does Selvam accept defeat or manage to bring her round?



After the success of Nee Varuvai Ena, Rajakumaran was given another chance by R. B. Chowdary to make a film under his banner. The project was titled as "Vinnukkum Mannukkum". Vikram was selected after the success of his previous film Sethu. To ensure success in rural areas, Choudhary selected his lucky mascot Sarathkumar for eighth time in the film.

A shooting schedule took place at the AVM Studios in Chennai, where Vikram celebrated his birthday on the sets, with the unit members and Sharat Kumar.[2] In an interview to Hindu in 2008, Vikram has mentioned his displeasure at being a part of the film, claiming that he had arguments with the director for every single shot and that "everything in that film, right from the first shot was wrong.[3] From the beginning, the film was considered a certain Deepavali release. But the director Rajakumaran failed to utilize the call sheets of Sarathkumar to optimum use. Sarath got wild because of this. He too caused some delay in finishing off the shootings.[4] Rajakumaran dragged and finished the film in two years causing delay.

The film created a hype and sensation in media due to the marriage of Devayani and the film's director Rajakumaran.



The film was finally released on March 2001 and got flopped in the box office. RB Choudhary incurred huge losses through this film and dubbed film Paapa[5] later he gained profits through films like Aanandham and Samuthiram.[6]

Critical reception[edit]

The film received mixed reviews.[7] Hindu wrote:"Director Rajakumaran has taken special care in the choice of songs and locations to make the film entertaining. He should have paid more attention to the first half and more important, must have extracted more work from Vikram, who has the potential, and Devayani, for whom it is a cakewalk".[8]


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