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The Virtual Global University (VGU) is a virtual university offering online distance education or virtual education on the Internet.


The Virtual Global University (VGU) is a private organization founded in 2001 by 17 professors of Business Informatics from 14 different universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The VGU brings together the knowledge and experience of people from different universities in one virtual organization. At the same time it is a real organization, according to German civil law under the name "VGU Private Virtual Global University GmbH".

Within the Virtual Global University, the School of Business Informatics (SBI) is the organizational unit that offers online courses and an online study program.


The focus of VGU's study offerings is information technology (IT) and management—or Business Informatics as it is called in Central Europe.[1][2] Students of Business Informatics (BI) are taught how to use IT effectively to develop business solutions[buzzword] for global challenges.[clarification needed]

All courses offered by the VGU are based on the Internet as well as on commonly available information and communication technology and are given entirely, or are substantially supported, by means of electronic media. The MBI can be conducted either in English or in German.[3]

MBI program[edit]

The VGU offers a master's program leading to the degree of an "International Master of Business Informatics" (MBI). The creation of the MBI was supported by the German "Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung" (federal ministry of education and research) within the program "New Media in Education". The program is accredited by government as well as by ACQUIN. The master's degree is awarded by the European University Viadrina (EUV) in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany in cooperation with the VGU. While the latter one provides expertise and teaching for the program, EUV is responsible for ensuring that the academic and educational standards of the program are maintained at an appropriate level.[4]

Certificate courses[edit]

Independent certificate courses on a number of IT and management topics are offered in addition to the master program MBI.

Faculty and management[edit]


The head of the Virtual Global University is Prof. Dr. Karl Kurbel. He is also CEO of the VGU GmbH and head of the Business Informatics Chair at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany.


The faculty of the School Business Informatics consists of 18 professors plus external lecturers, assisted by teaching assistants. The current faculty members are:


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