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Virtual Sky
Virtual Sky Logo.png
Virtual Sky Cover October 2015.png
October 2015 Cover.
EditorsStanislas Chareyre
Mohammed Almuqbel
Henk Wolsink
Achilleas Moraitis
Kurt Hemmer
Year foundedJanuary 2008

Virtual Sky (styled within the magazine as VIRTUAL SKY), is a Virtual Aviation online magazine, published monthly by the International Virtual Aviation Organisation, on

The readership comprises IVAO members, along with flight simulation and aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Each month features a theme chosen by the magazine team and members are encouraged to share their related experiences and anecdotes.

Senior (Departmental) and Divisional Staff members also write about their visions and on-going projects, while official online events are promoted, next to certified Virtual Airlines, in the VA Hangar section.


The magazine was founded by Vybhava Srinivasan when he was the Public Relations Director of IVAO, acting as its Editor-in-Chief, along with Yigit Yildrim who took charge of the Layout and Design.

The issues became less and less frequent, until July 16, 2012, when Vybhava decided to shut-down the project due to the "reduction in the readership"[1] according to him.

This project was relaunched by M.E. and Stephen Howarth, IVAO's Public Relations Director and Assistant Director, respectively, to publish the 14th issue on January 6, 2014.

The PR-Team recognised then the importance for the Magazine, acting as the principal members outreach tool for the Organisation.

Fernando Hippólyto and Fares Belkhiria were afterwards selected, starting from August 19, 2015 to carry on the Virtual Sky project, committing to provide regular monthly issues.

Following the departure of Fernando Hippólyto as Magazine Team Manager, the publication moved to a quarterly publication in 2016.


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