Vlaamse Aardbeiencross

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Vlaamse Aardbeiencross
Race details
Date February
Region Hoogstraten, Belgium
English name Flemish Strawberrycross
Discipline Cyclo-cross
Competition Superprestige
First edition 1987 (1987)
First winner  Wim Lambrechts (BEL)
Most wins  Sven Nys (BEL) (8 wins)
Most recent  Mathieu van der Poel (NED)

The Vlaamse Aardbeiencross is a cyclo-cross race held in Hoogstraten, Belgium since 1987.[1] It became part of the Superprestige in the 1998–1999 season.

Past winners[edit]

Year Winner
2017 Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel
2016 Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel
2015 Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel
2014 Belgium Sven Nys
2013 Belgium Sven Nys
2012 Belgium Tom Meeusen
2011 Belgium Sven Nys
Nov. 2009 Belgium Niels Albert
Feb. 2009 Belgium Sven Nys
2008 Belgium Niels Albert
2007 Belgium Sven Nys
2006 Belgium Sven Nys
2005 Belgium Erwin Vervecken
2004 Belgium Erwin Vervecken
2003 Belgium Sven Nys
2001 Belgium Erwin Vervecken
2000 Belgium Mario De Clercq
1999 Belgium Sven Nys
1998 Belgium Bart Wellens
1997 Belgium Peter Willemsens
1996[note 1] Belgium Paul Herygers
1995 Belgium Paul Herygers
1994 Belgium Peter Willemsens
1993 Belgium Paul Herygers
1992 Belgium Gustaaf Van Bouwel
1991 Belgium Dirk Pauwels
1991[note 2] Belgium Pascal Van Riet
1990 Belgium Wim Lambrechts
1989 Belgium Kurt De Roose
1988 Belgium Wim Lambrechts
1987 Belgium Wim Lambrechts



  1. ^ In the 1996–1997 season, this race was held as the Belgian Championship.
  2. ^ This race was a time trial, held on the same day as the regular race.


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