Vladimir Prokhorovich Amalitskii

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Vladimir Prokhorovich Amalitskii
Владимир Прохорович Амалицкий.jpg
Born (1860-06-01)June 1, 1860
Died December 15, 1917(1917-12-15) (aged 57)
Nationality Russian
Scientific career
Fields Paleontology

Vladimir Prokhorovich Amalitskii (1860–1917) (alternative spelling: Amalitzky) was a Russian Paleontologist and Professor at Warsaw University, who was involved in the discovery and excavation of the famous Late Permian fossil vertebrate fauna from the North Dvina River, Arkhangelsk District, Northern European Russia.

He died in December 1917 in Kislovodsk, Caucasus.

He made a number of studies of the fossil remains of amphibians and reptiles from Northern Russia.

Partial bibliography[edit]

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