Vodafone M.I.C

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Vodafone M.I.C
Created by
Presented by
Country of origin Fiji
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
Executive producer(s)
Running time 1 hour
Production company(s) Fiji TV
Original release December 2008-Present

Vodafone M.I.C (Make It Count) is Fiji's own music reality TV show which is similar to the format of American Idol. The show has had five successful seasons. Its sixth season is set for release next year. The show was created by Paul Dominiko. It is broadcast on Fiji TV and airs Tuesdays and Fridays from 7-8 pm (Fiji time)

How contestants are chosen[edit]

The judges and producer travel to places in Fiji (Nadi, Suva, Labasa, Lautoka) where auditions take place. Judges observe the contestants and after auditions narrow hopefuls down. The remaining contestants return for a second audition round, here the top 10 finalists are chosen and go on to compete in the live shows.

Performance night[edit]

Performance night happens two nights before the elimination night. This is where the contestants perform for public votes. Voting lines open at 8pm and close midnight(4 hours of voting time).

Elimination rounds[edit]

Here the votes have been counted and the elimination takes place at the start of the show. The host reveals the bottom three and then the judges deliver who is eliminated(from voting results). The eliminated contestant then sings their swan song and the remaining contestants then continue the show and perform for more vote.

Season 1[edit]

Nasoni Saloma
Runner up
Nina Doton
Rest of the top 10

Elena Baravilala


Jon Apted, Abigale Young, Igelese Ete

Season 2[edit]

Ilisavani Cava
Runners up

Peniette Seru, Sofia


Jon Apted, Talei Burns, Igelese Ete

Season 3[edit]

Matereti Koro
Runners up
Natalie Raikadroka, Pauliasi Koroituicakau
Rest of the top 10

Lanza Coffin, Suliano Waqabaca, Kathlenn Waqa, Paulini Cava, Tupou Veikoso


Jon Apted, Talei Burns Laisa Vulakoro

Season 4[edit]

Romulo Leweniqila,
Ana Silivale, Laisa Bulatale, Trent Leger,
Rest of the top 10
Misiko Chute, David Rounds, Viva Dakua, Esther Baleniku, Carlos Powell, Mika,
Allan Alo, Laisa Vulakoro, Charles Taylor.

Season 5[edit]

Auditions for this year's show started on the 21st of April. The show premiered in May.

Josefa Lesi
Jordeena Punja, Marilyn Mataiasi, Isaia Waqavou
Top 10

Isaia Waqavou, Marilyn Mataiasi, Pauline Tuidravu, Josefa Lesi, Sereima Banuve, Ren Slatter, Jordeena Punja, Litia Rosi, Mosese Tikoduadua, Pauliasi Cinavou

Charles Taylor, Igelese Ete, Priscilla Williams

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