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Vojinović, Fojnica Armorial.jpg
Country  Republic of Venice
 Republic of Ragusa
Founded 1771
Dissolution after 1838
Ethnicity Serb

The Vojnović (Serbian Cyrillic: Војновићи) or Vojinović (Војиновићи) was a Serb noble family in the Bay of Kotor and Dalmatia active in the late 18th- and early 19th century, serving the Republic of Venice and Republic of Ragusa. They were very prominent politicians, intellectuals, soldiers, maritime captains and merchants in history of Dalmatia.[1]

The family tree can be reached back to 1536.[2] According to tradition, the family descended from Vojin, the grandson of Serbian king Stefan Dečanski (r. 1321–32).[3] The family moved to the Bay of Kotor from Herzegovina in 1692, fleeing Ottoman terror,[3] settling in Herceg Novi, which was taken over by the Republic of Venice after the 1689–92 battles of the Morean War.[4] The Republic of Venice recognized their nobility status and coat of arms after 1771, Austria in 1815 (along with other para-nobility of Dalmatia and the Bay of Kotor).[3] Upon receiving noble status, the family adopted the coat of arms of Serbian magnate Nikola Altomanović (fl. 1359–76) as displayed in the Il regno di Slavi of Mavro Orbini (1563–1614).[3]

From the end of the 17th- to the 19th century members of the family emigrated to Austria, Italy, Hungary and Russia.[4] Marko Vojnović (1732–1807) founded the Black Sea Fleet of the Imperial Russian Navy.[5] Jovan V. Vojnović (fl. 1772–82) was a Russian admiral and general consul in the Greek archipelago.[4] Aleksandar V. Vojnović was a Russian cavalry general.[2]

Family tree[edit]

  • Vujo Vojinović
    • Miloš Vujov Serdarević
    • Jovan Vujov Vojnović, progenitor of the Herceg Novi Vojnović
      • Pavle Jovanov Vojnović
      • Vojin Jovanov Vojnović
      • Vasilije (Vasilj) Jovanov Vojnović (married Ana Magazinović)
        • Jovan (Ivan) Vasiljević Vojnović
        • Đorđe Vasiljević Vojnović (married Cassandra Angeli Radovani)
          • Jovan Đorđev Vojnović (married Katarina Gojković)
            • Đorđe Jovanov Vojnović (married an unknown member of the Martinelli clan)
              • Dušan Đorđev Vojnović
              • Ljubica Vojnović (married an unknown member of the Mirković clan)
              • Darinka Vojnović (married an unknown member of the Gojković clan)
            • Konstantin (Kosta) Jovanov Vojnović (married Maria Serragli)
              • Ivo Konstantinov Vojnović
              • Lujo Konstantinov Vojnović (married Tinka Kopač)
                • Marija (Marica) Lujov Vojnović (married an unknown member of the Schidlof clan)
                  • Ivan Schidlof
                • Xenia Vojnović (not married)
              • Eugenija Vojnović (married Charles Loiseau)
                • Frédéric-Jean Loiseau
                  • Geneviève Loiseau (married René Carlier)
                  • Christiane Loiseau (married André Bommeler)
                • Ivan Loiseau (married Jeanne-Marie Pavie)
                • Kostia Loiseau
                • Marie-Hélène Loiseau (married François Jager)
                  • François Jager (married Bernadette Lefebure)
                  • Henriette Jager (married Emmanuel Lescure)
                  • Kostia Jager (married Marie Seichepine)
                  • Hélène Jager (married Mériadec Lescure)
                    • Jérôme Lescure - 1960
                    • Patricia Lescure - 1962 (married Xavier d'Esquerre)
                      • Séverine d'Esquerre -1988 (married Jean-Baptiste du Tremolet de Lacheisserie)
                        • Constantin du Tremolet de Lacheisserie- 2014
                        • Paul du Tremolet de Lacheisserie - 2016
                      • Anne-France d'Esquerre-1991
                      • Matthieu d'Esquerre-1991
                      • Arnaud d'Esquerre - 1996
                      • Louis d'Esquerre -2001
                      • Alexandre d'Esquerre - 2003
                    • Benoit Lescure
                    • François Lescure
                    • Nicolas Lescure - 1970
                    • Catherine Lescure
              • Kristina Vojnović
              • Katica Vojnović
        • Aleksandar Vasiljević Vojnović
        • Dmitar Vasiljević Vojnović
          • Nikola Vojnović
  • Matthew Voynovich 1983-


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