Volga River (Iowa)

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Volga River
Mederville Bridge.jpg
Mederville Bridge over the Volga River near Elkader
Country United States
State Iowa
Districts Fayette County, Clayton County
 - coordinates 42°55′41″N 92°02′06″W / 42.928°N 92.035°W / 42.928; -92.035
 - coordinates 42°44′56″N 91°16′12″W / 42.749°N 91.270°W / 42.749; -91.270Coordinates: 42°44′56″N 91°16′12″W / 42.749°N 91.270°W / 42.749; -91.270

The Volga River is an 80.7-mile-long (129.9 km)[1] river in the U.S. state of Iowa. It is the major tributary of the Turkey River in the northeastern part of the state. The river runs through Fayette and Clayton counties before joining the Turkey River near Elkport. The Turkey River then runs into the Mississippi River near the town of Cassville, Wisconsin. The Volga River State Recreation Area is a state park along the river near Fayette.

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